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Selecting properties

You can add a selection of the properties which best fit your requirements to this page and then use it to pitch your favourite holiday home options to your family and friends.

You will find a yellow star labelled 'My Selection' above the photo gallery for each property. When you click on this link, the property will automatically be stored as one of your shortlisted properties. You can access these properties at any time via the 'My Selection' link at the top of any page on our site.

De-selecting properties

Click on 'remove from selection' to de-select a property from your shortlist.

Sorting your selection

You can sort the properties stored in your selection by order of preference. When you left click on a property you can drag it up or down your shortlist depending on how much you like it.

Send an email to one or more addresses

First enter your own email address and then enter the email address of the person who you would like to receive an email with details about the properties in your selection. Add your own comments and then send.